Of Roses and Other Beautiful Things

Well, hello.

It’s been quiet around here for the last few weeks, I know, but I’m hoping to get back to blogging more regularly.

I visited a rose garden this afternoon with my sister-in-law. The sun warmed our backs while we ate ice creams and chatted on a patch of grass, surrounded by high brick walls, with benches scattered about and a fountain in the centre, and everywhere, everywhere, roses. Roses clinging to walls and archways. Roses in flowerbeds. Roses in every stage of development–buds, almost-blooming, heavy blooms, and dying petals. A rainbow of rose colours—white, yellow, soft pink, deep pink, red, peach.

Can there be flowers more lovely than roses?

I can’t share my afternoon in the roses with you (and to be honest, I wouldn’t want to: it was sister time), but here are one or two other beautiful things that have come my way recently that I can share…..

A sonnet by Malcolm Guite, “Let Not Your hearts Be Troubled”….


Always there comes this parting of the ways

The best is wrested from us, borne away,

No one is with us always, nothing stays,

Night swallows even the most perfect day.


Read the rest here .

And a thoughtful essay by Andy Couch which weaves travel, literature, and technology into a beautiful whole.

Helprin’s challenge to us, through Alessandro, is to avoid abstraction—to do full justice to life, one life at a time, this life in which God is so unmistakably present and so achingly absent, this person before me in whom his image is so fully and so incompletely expressed, this moment that offers me the choice of courage or cowardice.

Read the rest here (HT: The Gospel Coalition). It’s long, but it’s worth it. And see if you can do so without then buying a Helprin book. I couldn’t.

What beautiful things have come your way recently?


2 thoughts on “Of Roses and Other Beautiful Things

  1. Oh, that rose garden sounds amazing!
    Beautiful things my way? Blueberries, sunscreen and air conditioning : )
    I really enjoyed the sonnet and the essay- thank you for sharing them.

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