Of Lovely Things (6)

Happy November!

I hope your life these days is full of glimmers of beauty, like bright autumn leaves. Mine is, though too often I turn my gaze from the glimmers and focus instead on the grime that comes with being a fallen person living in a fallen world. But here are some lovely glimmers from recent days….

A chunky package from Amazon through the door earlier this week. The bare brown cardboard concealed a book I’d been waiting for since the summer. Oh joy.

Children…. Two girlies twirling their skirts and showing me their dance steps…. Seven-year-old boy falling asleep against me on the sofa while the adults discussed a psalm…. Reading a Robert Frost poem to my youngest brother.

A witty email from a friend.

Looking back over some journal entries from a dark days with the perspective of the unexpected, glorious goodness that God was soon to rain down, though I didn’t know it at the time. Reminding myself that He’s done it before so He can do it again in other difficult situations.

Chesterton’s essay “On Running After One’s Hat”, which was one of my reading assignments this week. His insights are marvellous. And hilarious.

“But in the case of all such annoyances, as I have said, everything depends upon the emotional point of view…. For instance, there is a current impression that it is unpleasant to have to run after one’s hat. Why should it be unpleasant to the well-ordered and pious mind? … It certainly is comic; but man is a very comic creature, and most of the things he does are comic…. Now a man could, if he felt rightly in the matter, run after his hat with the manliest ardour and the most sacred joy.”

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

Read the whole thing here. It’s not long and it’s so worth it. Oh, to live life with a generous sprinkling of GKC’s unquenchable enthusiasm!

What are some of your recent “lovely things”? 


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