Of Lovely Things (3)

I hadn’t realised how long it’s been since I’ve written a “loveliness” post!

Lovely things–good things, beautiful things–have kept on happening, of course. Some of them I recognise. Others I take for granted but need to try to see and to give thanks for. I’m not naturally a thankful person, remember? These lists can help spur gratitude. And they’re rather fun! (And not overly taxing on a brain that is working rather a lot these days on coursework of various shapes and sizes.)

So here are some of things, big and little, that have graced my days in one way or another….

Here’s a mammoth-sized one: an amazing answer to prayer.

You know the times when you’re in a hard situation and there seems to be no evident way out? When you can’t think of any good solution that seems likely but you wish for one so much? (Because we’re not God and how can we with our tiny minds see the unexpected things of the future?) And suddenly a wonderful opportunity appears–seemingly out of nowhere but really from the mind and heart of God.

It happened for me in a big way with a situation about two years ago, and then with something else recently.

And it’s a wonderful, incredible thing. “Lovely” is too tame a word for these startling, oh-so-needed graces, but since that’s my label for posts like this, we’ll go with it.

(Moving on to other things….)

A friend who is a beautiful example of rejoicing with them that rejoice. Thank you, Kay!

Sunshine in the midst of rain, rain, rain. (How can there be so much of it up there?)

Hilarious, tear-inducing laughter with friends.

Cuddles with Baby E before reading stories to Bets and her siblings. Two year old on my lap, sucking her thumb and twisting a curl on the back of her head while we read Big Sister, Little Sister. Little Doll four year old nearby. Then Boy2 on one side and Bets on the other (and Boy1 came in part way and I think enjoyed it too-sshhh!) while we join Nate the Great in figuring out just who it was that wrote the mysterious note about someone’s owl. Then when the house is quiet, getting to chat with Bets’ parents.

A tiny vase with snowdrops gathered by my mother.

Refreshing sleep.

Brighter mornings and evenings.

My father’s laughter.

Hugs with two of my brothers. One of them bigger than me now (did I really carry him around once?). The other, the only one left who can still sit on my lap and not crush me!

Little, daisy-like blessings and big, exploding firework-like ones.

Loveliness indeed!


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