Of Lovely Things (2)

Lovely things, they keep coming. Even when I don’t notice them. Even when there are also far-from-lovely things. Things that make me angry and tearful and unsure what to do. But lovely things are still there. Sometimes they even come because of the hard things.

Loveliness is taking a walk in a country lane with the sky bright from a winter’s sunset. With bare branches dark and delicate against the sky, and a sliver of a moon.

Loveliness is curling up near a fire reading Pride and Prejudice during study time because I’m taking a Jane Austen course. (No matter that it’s my third time to read that book in just over a year. I’m still enjoying it.)

Loveliness is my little friend who is having a birthday soon. (She now has a blog name: Bets. As with SJ, there are reasons behind this name choice….) I remember holding Bets on my shoulder the day she was born, and now she’s almost eight years old, with long curly hair and a smile that would make a flower unfold, thinking it had seen the sun. She’s a caring big sister, she’s thoughtful and perceptive, and she knows how to tell a good story. (Nor is it unknown for her to indulge in some good-natured mimicry. I remember once, a long time ago now, her sitting on my lap and showing me just how her older brother had thrown up when he was sick….) She’s also a wonderful conversationalist. I could have a more enjoyable conversation with Bets than I could have with many a grown up. She’s a joy to know and she’s a special friend. So, happy birthday, Bets! May you continue to brighten the lives of many people.

Loveliness is also the kindness that has been shown to me and my family during this last week in particular. The large bouquet that arrived unexpectedly for my mother and for me. It has brightened the kitchen windowsill for days, beautiful in pink and green and white and purple, and today the first lily opened, white and pointed like a star. (I think it’s a lily, but I confess I don’t know much about flowers. Mine is a rather ignorant love.) The friends who have dropped by: one with flowers, one with homemade goodies, all three with hugs and kind words. The grace of it all has touched me. Such goodness is humbling.

Lovely things… to think on…. to treasure.


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